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SAGE Corporate

Since its inception, Sage has become a leader in the telecommunications and wireless test industry. Our field test sets, automated test systems, local loop test systems, and automated wireless test systems are used worldwide by leading telecom and wireless providers, manufacturers, and end users. Each of our products provide customers with the value, performance, and reliability demanded in the dynamic and competitive telecommunications and wireless industries.

Sage currently occupies over 30,000 square feet in three separate buildings that house the company's engineering, administration, marketing, and production facilities. Sage's location in Freedom, California, is about a 40-minute drive from metropolitan San Jose and the Silicon Valley, making it easy to maintain close relationships with key suppliers and technology developers. The company is privately held, well managed, and financially sound.

A Firm Dedication to Engineering

An unusually large proportion of company revenue is invested each year in new product development. This investment allows Sage to enhance existing products and develop new products to support continued growth. From the beginning, Sage has used advanced technology to offer its customers unsurpassed value and performance.

Commitment to developing advanced products to meet both present and future customer needs.

A large percentage of Sage employees are directly engaged in new product development. Sage's engineering department is well equipped with the sophisticated equipment and tools needed to develop state-of-the-art telecommunications and wireless test equipment.

The SAGE Commitment to Sales and Customer Service

Sage believes that quality sales and service are just as important as the design and manufacture of quality equipment. Sage products are sold and supported both domestically and internationally by a network of strategically located, direct sales representatives, manufacturer's representatives, and distributors. At all locations, Sage is represented by experienced telecommunications and wireless professionals dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of service and support.

At the factory, Sage Sales, Customer Service, and Engineering personnel provide full support to meet customer needs. In addition, Sage Customer Service provides technical support, upgrade, repair, and calibration services at the factory for all Sage products. In the field, Sage Engineers provide on-site training and installation to support Sage products for both U.S. and international customers.

Sage Quality

Sage Instruments is committed to delivering products and services that conform to customer requirements. We shall endeavor to perform each and every job correctly the first time with a continuing emphasis on improvement in the quality of our work.

SAGE Milestones in Technical Leadership:

• The first integrated multifunctional communications test set with transmission and signaling test capabilities for both metallic and digital T-1 telephony circuits.

• The first communications test set employing Digital Signal Processing.
• The first full-voice frequency data impairment measurement responder.
• The first automatic end-to-end routining system for cellular telephony.
• The first 23-Tone test end-to-end responder system.
• A patented industry standard technique for measuring Absolute Delay.