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Key Facts

Intended Applications
- Defect detection
- Thickness meter 
- Flow meter
- Fine Material characterization 
- Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
- Indoor Positioning System
- Sonar and engineering radar 
- High performance medical imaging


The UDLV-NDT 8801 is the world’s first low-voltage, deep penetrating industrial ultrasound NDT instrument using sophisticated, continuous, full duplex, pulse compression technology. Our mere 3V signal overtakes a 300V pulser unit. Our TOF (Time of Flight) measurement stability goes down to sub-nano-seconds


- Truly unique ultrasound NDT (Non-Destructive-Testing) and Flow meter measuring device based on low-voltage pulse compression method.

- First of its kind that uses optimal full-duplex continuous long pulse compression method that achieves deepest penetration using only a few volts, instead of hundreds of voltages used by all incumbent pulser instruments

- The time and frequency domain optimized complex low voltage signal keeps the transducers and test subjects operating in ideal linear range, hence a user gets the best SNR: low noise floor, high resolution and sensitivity and negligible time-zero blind zone, all unattainable by the existing pulser instruments.


  • - Automatically capable of flowmeter function with ToF (Time of Flight) difference measurement down to sub-nano-seconds
  • - Precise and repeatable amplitude, phase, and ToF measurements make it ideal for non-intrusive material characterization applications (such as non-contact chemical content identification).
  • - Safe and easy to operate, works with all existing piezoelectric transducers, good for all conditions (shallow, deep and medium range defect detection) and all materials (solid or liquid).

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