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960B Multi-Channel Test Instrument

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Key Facts

- Passively and/or actively detect & measure AUDIO LEVELS and ECHO
- Assess voice quality - MOS, DELAY, NOISE, etc.
- Qualify Echo Cancellers - Dispersive Echo and programmable delay
- Verify FAX/data modem transparency
- Verify VAD, Jitter Buffer, Comfort Noise, silence suppression performance
- Emulate Fax and True IP phones with jitter buffers and real RTP
- Filter, decode and analyze RTP/RTCP
- Detect and monitor rogue/illegal VoIP calls

Whether you are a Next Generation operator or designer, the 960B reduces rollout and design cycle time for new packet voice services.


A Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite
The 960B is a powerful multi-channel IP Telephony precision test instrument combining TDM, Ethernet and Analog interfaces and simultaneous test capability to comprehensively test and monitor Next Generation Networks in Real-Time.
- Voice Processing & IP Telephony Transparency design verification
- VoIP service readiness, turn-up testing, and trouble shooting
- VoIP security monitoring

The 960B can generate one or many end-to-end test calls from the packet, TDM, and/or Analog interfaces while monitoring the bearer channel (TDM, RTP, Analog) to flush out real-time performance issues.